Hi! I’m Brian. I’m a student at the University of Virginia studying computer science. I’ll be interning at Stripe and Affirm in the Summer and Fall of 2020 and have interned at Google in the past.

I like tech and working on impactful projects with passionate people. I’m also an optimist who’s bullish on the power that tech has to help fix the world’s problems.

You can find out a little more about what I’ve done by checking out my resume.

Also, if you try to make time for reading like I do, check out my bookshelf!

Favorite Projects

These are some projects I’ve worked on that I’m especially proud of or hold sentimental value. Ordered reverse-chronologically.

  • djen - a platform for generative art
  • PoseParty - A neat little app that lets you do yoga online with friends. Winner of HooHacks 2020 and Hack Quarantine.
  • theCourseForum2 - Led a rewrite of a much-used website at my college that hosts course and professor reviews. Spent many a weekend night on this in the spring of 2020.
  • Deploy - A course on backend web development that I taught for a club with my friend Rashid in the fall of 2019.
  • L.A. Bikes - A web app that analyzes and visualizes bike sharing data in Los Angeles. Won entry to the 2019 Capital One Software Engineering Summit
  • Reinform - A platform that allows citizens to learn more about congresspersons’ sources of funding and legislative voting history. Winner of Disrupt the District 2018.
  • Pedestrian Cam - Counts the number of people in a video feed in real time. Built in the fall of 2017.
  • My OG Blog - My personal website circa 2015, back when I was a Sophomore in High School! Revived and now living on Netlify.

Greatest Hits

This is a list of the blog posts of mine that have gone viral or that I’m exceptionally proud of. Right now there’s only one, but I hope to expand this list as time goes on! :wink: